Audit referral

Auditing / Assurance Services in Hong Kong are important for all limited companies set up in Hong Kong as they are the statutory requirements under Companies Ordinances.  Hence, auditing / assurance is one of the most important compulsory compliance procedures that require Hong Kong Limited Companies to pay attention to fulfill statutory requirement.


Hiring an external auditor obviously gives your company a sense of independence. Eligible auditor should be able to detect fraud in early stage.  This can avoid any deviation from ethical work practice.  Auditor can help to identify the financial strengths and weakness for dynamic business decision.

We can provide the following audit referral services:

1. Statutory audit for annual tax filing

Under Hong Kong Companies Ordinances, all limited companies are required to prepare audited financial statements, except dormant companies (section 447).

2. Rental audit

For retail owners, the common practice of landlords is to share the revenue with you.  Hence, rental audit can help you to verify the monthly revenue and report to landlords.

3. Financial Due Diligence for merger and acquisition

Merger and acquisition are timing saving and scalable expansion tactics adopted by seasoned investors.  To ensure you money is not invested in companies with misleading financial figures, Financial Due Diligence can help to lower this risk.


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